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Meshuggah’s legendary guitarist Fredrik Thordendal’s signature 33® pedal is a sonic detonation tool that will transform any gain fueled amplifier into an unrelenting wrecking ball of metal!

At Fortin, we are renowned for chasing only the greatest metal tones imaginable. We have nothing short of lazer focus to develop the most crushing modern guitar tones, tones that are worthy of an artist like Fredrik - to make a pedal he can proudly put his name to.

Through countless hours of research, design, development, prototyping, sampling, planning, reviewing and almost endless tweaking, we are proud to present the Fredrik Thordendal signature 33® pedal!

The boost level control provides up to +22dB of clean boost with added side remote 1/4” jack for channel switching with a mini slide switch. There is no need to tap dance, if you want one channel on your amp boosted and the other not, the 33® changes the channel on your amp and automatically applies the boost.

There are two things to remember when using the 33®. You may not need as much gain as you usually do, as the front of the amp is being hit hard, the gain will be increased the more you open up the 33®.

The 33® has top mounted jacks and DC inlet for tight pedal board mounting applications. Matte black powder coat finish with gloss black screening for a killer blacked out look. As with all Fortin pedals, the 33® is proudly built in North America.

Technical Details:

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